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Steve Gomez

Growing up in a small, South Texas town, I played third base for my high school baseball team and helped them to back-to-back AAA state championships. I learned to hit a 90 mph fastball, but never really could hit the curve ball, so following high school I ventured off to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After one college game in the snow, I retired from baseball and began to pursue my interests in robotics and education. Formally, I studied Mechanical Engineering, but grew more interested in technology and learning. Through M.I.T., I volunteered at the first Computer Clubhouse, of which there are now 90 around the world. Upon graduation, I decided to try a warmer climate and attended Stanford University for my master’s degree with a focus on Robotics and Control. There, I attempted to launch one of the early LEGO RCX bricks into space, but unfortunately, my payload did not make the final cut.

With my formal education complete, I decided to return home and began working for Schlumberger. As an engineer, I helped design an innovative directional drilling tool. I then became a product development manager. My love for learning and sharing continues and I have volunteered with numerous organizations in Houston and abroad including, Hightower High School, YES College Prep, Carnegie Vanguard High School, Project Row Houses, Marshall High School, and Schlumberger Seed in Mexico and Egypt. I am currently a member of Houston’s HISD 21st Century Advisory Committee which will shape education for area K-12 students for the next 100 years!

My wife and I are raising two great kids and we enjoy, tennis, our Jack Russell Terriers, collecting art, and solving the Rubik’s cube.