GRC Awards


GRC Award Recipients


1. The SEL award for best oral presentation:

                  Apeksha Awale

2. The ECE award for outstanding poster presentation:

                  Jiasong Li


CDC Awards

Three Capstone Design Awards were established to recognize outstanding overall performance of students in completing Senior Design Projects and their presentations at the Capstone Design Conference both in Oral and Poster Sessions.


CDC Award Recipients


1. The Schlumberger Capstone Design award:        


    Ryan Murphy    

    Ramiro Lozano

    Jesus Tamez Duque 

    Rebeca Cobian          

2. The Agilent Capstone Design award:        


    Richard Allen Hooks    

    Cemil Toygan Ozyalcin

    Emin Elmar Mamedow 

    Jonathan Silva              

3. The ECE Capstone Design award:        


    Anthony Eshareturi   

    Andres Michel

    Karen Jordan 

    Gavin Guy